How To Correctly Fix “Referenced Memory” Errors

An extremely frustrating problem that most users have to deal with on a frequent basis is the referenced memory error causing a crash of a program or the browser in the middle of work. The error message comes up in the following format- “The instruction at 0xf77041d24 referenced memory at 0×00000000. The memory could not be read.” These types of errors are often considered as service violation errors as it crashes the entire program in the middle of use. The numbers in the error refer to random memory addresses that have conflicted causing the crash of the system.

When you look at a memory based error, you should consider the prospect of both hardware and a software based fault. If such referenced memory errors are happening too often, there is a possibility that the RAM modules in your machine could be faulty. In such cases, you should perform the required memory tests or get it checked by an expert professional for any type of defects. If the module is defective, you should get it replaced and see if the error stops. If there is no problem with your RAM, then the issue has to lie on the software side.

In terms of software, the error can be considered to be a form of memory leak where unknown third party software can take up the memory space that has been reserved for a particular program. If you have a lot of tool bars or add on installed in your browser, it could be a potential cause of the problem. All you need to do is to find out if any corrupted toolbar or registry entries is causing the problem. Once you can identify it, you can easily uninstall the component from your system so that the problem does not repeat again at a later stage of your work.

The simplest and most effective solution is to use an optimizer tool that can check for any potential defects in your entire system. Once you run a full scan on your computer, it can detect the memory error as well as identify any malicious or corrupted toolbar that might be causing the error. Once it is detected, the tool would automatically remove the toolbar or program and clean out its traces from the registry to restore the health of your machine. Such tools are a great help if you want to keep your computer functional and error free on a daily basis.